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Church OSS

Church OSS Features:

  • A weekly bible reading with Christian artwork, animations, and audio added!
  • A suite of quizzes, puzzles and interactive, educational games are added, many customized to the weekly bible reading!
  • Seperate grade pages so the activities are challenging for the older children and easier for the younger children!
  • Weekly bible reading schedule generally follows the revised lectionary.
  • Updated weekly to keep your OSS new and interesting week after week!
  • Teachers planning area including the ability to sneak-a-peek at the upcoming lesson!
    No login or passwords needed!
  • No advertising or solicitations!
  • Churches access the OSS via special private link!
  • Countless hours of Christian family fun and learning for your church's parents, children and teachers!

Church OSS Plans:

  • It's free!  Register for either 1 semester or an entire year!   
  • We ask only after using the OSS that you consider supporting the ministry.  The OSS continues to made available due to the support of our church and family partners.
  • Customized church OSS available.  Add your logo, contact information, header, email, and more.  Contact us for details.

It takes only a few miniutes to sign up and get immediate access to the OSS!    email

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