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Bandwidth Transfer Policy
(For our friends who host with Christian Web Host, Inc. via Simply Christian)

Simply Christian has partnered with Acquire Media, Corporation to bring you the most cost-effective bandwidth and hosting services available, we have chosen not to set a transfer limit on individual accounts. This is not unlimited transfer (no one can *really* afford to promise that and those claims are misleading in nature). The reason that we have done this is because a large portion of the domains that we host only receive around 1000-2000 page views per month. Due to this, they are only using a small percentage of a GB of transfer per month. Since this is the case with most domains, when we get sites that are more trafficked, in most cases we can allow them to have the transfer that they need up to even several GB per month if the others on that server don't need it.

In the case that a site's bandwidth becomes very resource intensive (10% of system resources, cpu load or 10% of the transfer alloted to that server is considered resource intensive), we reserve the right to pass along the extra cost associated with the use of our system to the site owner. Normally you can get around 50,000 standard page views per GB of transfer. Real Audio / Video and / or a cgi or graphic intensive site will consume more bandwidth than standard pageviews as each file that is called by a visitor consumes bandwidth.

In the event that your site becomes so trafficked that it is requiring more than several GB of transfer per month on a server that does not have that much extra, we will contact you to see if we can give you any ideas on how to bring your transfer down.  Sometimes it can be a simple program change or researching to see if people are linking to your graphics or files (that is a very fast way to eat up your bandwidth - so do not let people link to your stuff).  In extreme cases where you are on the road to taking up 20 or 30 GB per month (very very rare), at this point we may have to either move your site to a different server, setup a dedictaed server for you, or pass along the cost of the extra bandwidth.   At the present time, as of this writing, we have never had to pass on any extra bandwdith charges .

Please note that if you suddenly start taking up more bandwidth than we can handle, we would possibly have to take your site offline until we can get it straightened out. This would only happen in extreme cases.   Again, to date, we have not had to take anyone's site offline.  Example: Someone uploads a 40 MB movie to their site and announces it to the public. 5000 people come in one day to view the movie. That takes up 200,000 MB of transfer (200 GB) and costs us $1200.00!  Considering that our most popular account only costs $29.95 a month, you can see where we may have to pass that cost along to the site owner that caused it.

We do our "no set limit" transfer in this manner to try to keep with Acts 2:44- 45 "and all that believed, were together and had all things common and sold their possesions and goods and parted them to all men as every man had need."

We feel that if we, as a body, will share the resources available to us, we will be keeping with this scripture.  If you are transferring an exisitng site that already receives several GB of transfer per month, contact us and we will help find a solution for your hosting needs.

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