“Of the 51 million children under the age of 18 who live in the United States, more than 40 million do not know Jesus Christ as their savior...In the United States, children ages 5 to 13 have a 32 percent probability of accepting Jesus as their savior, at ages 14 to 18 the probability drops to 4%.”" -Barna Research Group

"Few churches operate without electricity, running water, air conditioning, heating, or any of the other “modern conveniences” of our daily lives. In this millennium, a web ministry presence is a utility as essential as any of these." -Web Ministry Team at United Methodist Communication.

“The Online Sunday School is a wonderfully contemporary way for the church and the children to keep a relationship active and growing throughout the week. It is never too early to engage young people with the sense of a faith community. The Online Sunday School can be a significant tool in building that community.”
Dr. Clark Edwards - Communications Department - Duquesne University

“Imagine this: grade school children sitting down at a computer and clicking onto their church’s Sunday School material right in their own home. A decade or so ago it would have been unimaginable – connecting your church Sunday School directly into the homes of your students and their parents. Today, interactive Christian education is a reality through Simply Christian’s Online Sunday School.”
Jan Woodard, Staff Writer WPA Communications

“Simply Christian’s Online Sunday School has been a valuable addition to our conference website. The Online Sunday School combines web technology and the good ole fashioned love of God, and communicates that love in the language of kids today…the computer! The Online Sunday School is age appropriate and contains fun games and activities that help kids learn about God. It is easy for churches to use (you don’t even need a computer at the church!), and they (Simply Christian) do the work of updating and keeping the material fresh for us. For all of these reasons I was delighted, to begin a relationship with the folks at Simply Christian and to offer Online Sunday School for all of our churches on our conference website.”
Rev. Meredith Vanderminden, Director of Faith Development for the Troy Conference

“If you want to engage the Internet culture with your ministry and so it in a very positive way while making the most of limited dollars, you will want to have a conversation with Simply Christian. They have the passion for a Christian Internet presence and they are so accommodating that they are a joy to work with. I feel that our website and our Online Sunday School have given us ministry tools that impact our culture in ways larger than anticipated. I recommend Simply Christian.”
Reverend J.H. Langley - Senior Pastor - First UMC, New Castle PA

Online Sunday School shows children that scriptures and church can be fun. Children today all learn in different ways and at different rates. This program allows them to learn at their own pace, and the fact that it is a computer program makes it all the more interesting and hands-on. It's also a great help for teachers who get stuck on not having just the right amount of variety for each Sunday school lesson. I recommend the Online Sunday School for any church."
Donna Cozad - 3rd/4th grade Sunday School Teacher

“When a new, high quality, and relevant resource for the church comes across my desk, I like to share it. Online Sunday School from ‘Simply Christian’ is all of that. Online Sunday School was created as a means of connecting Christian education between church and home, using computers to enhance church teachings. The overall purpose of Online Sunday School is to augment Christian education teachings from each week’s church school lesson, doing it through attractive, creative activities specifically designed for each grade level. I hope you will explore this new and exciting way to enhance Christian education for the children, and the families, in your church.”
Dottie Walker - Director Christian Education Programming Jerusalem Center for Biblical Studies

"Simply Christian's Online Sunday School has the ability to SPREAD the gospel throughout our area because we have access to so many children."
Emma Smith, Associate Pastor and Associate Director of the Center For Hope

" The Online Sunday School is an exciting new way to help elementary children get into the Bible at home. Using online technology, this tool allows kids to log in from home and interact in fun and exciting ways with the lesson they learned the previous Sunday in their church. There are games, puzzles, Bible memory games, and quizzes to help children compete at a fun level. Ken and Marianne Ferrans have been great Christians to work with and have an incredible heart for helping children learn the Bible in their own culture!"
Kim Shockley - Media Resource Director - WPA Conference UMC

“ We are seeing that the interactive potential of our Online Sunday School is tremendous especially as it provides an effective -- and interesting -- way for the kids who are growing up with the computer revolution to be in touch with our church and faith.”
Dr. Donald G. Scandrol - Senior Pastor - Dutilh UMC

"The Online Sunday School is an exciting and important Christian educational resource providing a very positive website for children and their families. I am honored to say that the Church Council of Dutilh United Methodist Church during its April 2004 meeting unanimously approved the addition of Simply Christian's Online Sunday School as one of its official ministries.",
Jerry Krugh, Chairman of Dutilh UMC Church Council

"Just as the invention of the printing press marked one of the first great opportunities to spread the Word, the Internet is providing no less an opportunity now. Today's generation is growing up with the Internet, let's speak to the new generation in their new language!"
Kenneth J. Ferrans, Jr, Co-Founder Simply Christian

“Our Online Sunday School is a way to help churches connect the next generation with the Word of God and at the same time establish or further their church's Internet presence." said Marianne C. Ferrans, Simply Christian's co-founder. "Children today are computer literate. They use computers in their classrooms, homes, and libraries. Why not provide children with a way to connect to their church’s Sunday school?”
Marianne C. Ferrans, co-founder and Director of Simply Christian

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